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Why Choose Us


FREE pickup and delivery!

We know how busy you can be, not to mention those of you who have kids. It can be such a hassel to pack the kids up, unhook the computer and take it somewhere. Let us make things just a little easier for you. We offer free pickup and delivery in Grand Rapids. If you are outside that there will be a small fee.


Fast and friendly!

Most problems can be remedied in a day. In some cases it can take longer, but we do our best to get you your computer back as fast as possible because we know how important computers are in our lives.


We are local!

Locally owned and operated in Grand Rapids we aim to be the leader in service and support throughout greater Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas.



We all know how tight money is in this economy, and that you want to make your money go further. That's where we come in. Don't take your computer to one of those big box stores and pay a ridiculous amount of money for the same thing I can do at a fraction of the cost.